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SK Equipment Disposal

February 6th, 2018 by vk6ld

SEG has offered to assist with selling a number of items from the estate of Jim Atkins VK6JIM.

The majority of funds raised from the sale of the equipment will go to Jim’s widow and part proceeds to SEG.

Click on the photos for higher resolution images.  Most items have been tested for basic operation and it is noted in the description where the items are “unfinished projects”.  As you may appreciate, not being the owner of the equipment it is not always possible to know if there are any intermittent faults, where items have been repaired or other nuances.

If you are interested in any items, please contact SEG via the Contact Page.

1. Icom IC756-Pro HF/6M transceiver.  In very good condition, complete with hand mic, original box, manual & OPC639 DC EMC filter – $Sold.

2. Optional Heil PR781 microphone, PL2T boom arm & mic cable to suit Icom – $Sold.

3. Icom IC2820 VHF/UHF dual band FM transceiver. Remote mounting front panel, appears to have UT123 DStar board fitted. In very good condition, complete with DTMF hand mic, original box & manual – $Sold.

4. Kenpro KR1000 antenna rotator. Appears to be similar to Yaesu G1000 rotator – 200kg vertical rating. Status unknown, appears to be “under repair” on the rear connector panel of the controller. With the exception of the top clamps, it appears to be complete & assembled. Top clamps available from Duoro Services in NSW for $89.00. Asking $200.

5. MFJ260 300W dummy load.  $Sold.

6.  GME magnetic antenna base with 5/16″ thread. Will include PL259/BNC/N Type antenna connector.  $Sold.

7.  Roller inductor. Squeaky when turning, but otherwise appears okay.  $Sold.

8.  CG3000 automatic antenna tuner/coupler. Similar to SGC230.  Covers 1.6MHz – 30MHz, 200W PEP. Condition okay, has been used outdoors.  Plenty of information available on the internet.  Link to website & manual:$Sold.

9. Homebrew ATU in metal case and appears unfinished project. Has an excellent wide air spaced variable capacitor and roller inductor.  $Sold.

10. Avair AV-CN200 VSWR/Power Meter.  Specs: 1.8MHz – 200MHz range to 3kW PEP. $199 new from Andrews Communications.  $Sold.

11.  Various air spaced variable capacitors.  $Sold.

12.  Two position antenna switch, SO239 connectors, metal enclosure, suitable for HF.  $Sold.

13. A couple of further items still to come. Check back soon.

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