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123.0Hz CTCSS tone for Mt Barker 70cm VK6RAA.

November 25th, 2019 by vk6ld

For some time now there has been ongoing short intermittent bursts of white noise QRM on the VK6RAA Mt Barker 70cm repeater (439.950MHz).  Despite best efforts, the source hasn’t been identified due to its short & intermittent nature, but is probably originating from somewhere on Mt Barker Hill and it isn’t deliberate.

To overcome the noise source a 123.0Hz CTCSS subtone has been implemented on the Mt Barker 70cm repeater in order to access the Allstar linked system.

With the CTCSS tone access now installed, if your transceiver transmits a 123.0Hz CTCSS sub tone to the repeater, your transmissions will go out over the linked Allstar system.  If your transceiver doesn’t transmit any CTCSS tone (or a CTCSS tone other than 123.0Hz) your transmissions will only go out locally on the repeater over the Mt Barker area and won’t be heard on the wider linked Allstar system.  This way the repeater still stays as open access for everyone, albeit limited to Mt Barker without the correct CTCSS tone, but will prevent the white noise QRM going out over the wider network and upsetting our fellow amateurs.

If you need any advice or assistance with adding a 123.0Hz subtone to your transceiver please contact SEG for help to reprogram your transceiver.

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