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Mayanup Ham-Camption Report

September 17th, 2022 by vk6ld

Photo by VK6TW “JT”

From Graham VK6WCR:

Ham Camption 9,10,11 Sept

We enjoyed a relaxing drive Down to Mayanup. Taking in all the sights along the way. Said hello to a few familiar wee faces at Gnomesville . Further along we noticed a few wineries and Pubs that looked perfect for a drop in and refreshments .

Mayanup recreational area/ Mayanup Horse and pony club. Here we where met by our Host . Darren
We set up camp close to showers and toilets. Cost  was $10 each per night . Bargain basement prices .  After setting up camp I setup my antenna Radio gear, Other people gradually rolled in during the Friday afternoon setting up camp  their radio equipment  as well.

6 pm we all met down at the fire pit. Rag Chewing began in earnest.  

A re-occurring theme, was how so many of us had traveled the same old journeys over the years ,lived and worked in the same remote areas but at different times. We had so many mutual friends. For me it was  like a walk down memory lane hearing all the changes that had come about in areas that i had one time or another lived and worked in the past.

Bedtime was 10 pm Friday Night .  Blessed with a full moon. Night air was fresh. Cows , I forgot to mention the progress society and council who manage the land also have cows roaming on the property but they are up and over the other side of the hill in a far paddock so not a problem.

Being in farming country you may hear the distant sheep.

OMG at midnight I heard what I can only describe  sounded like a wolf being strangled in mid howl . I Never new Cows howl at the moon . LOL But apparently they do.

Saturday morning I woke around my usual time of around 5am. How can i describe it hmm . Pea soup mist and quite fresh brisk morning. None the less I soon had a brew going ,shortly after bacon and eggs was  on the go . Not long after Brekky , I found myself doing the rotisserie dance next to the fire pit  . Good to see I wasn’t the only  one getting  acclimated to the country air.

Conversations continued on from where we had left of the night before. Darren our host collected our fees also sold some raffle tickets. Shortly after, he announced he would be putting on a sausage sizzle for everyone free of charge and that Saturday night Pizza was on the menu for free as well.

During the daytime on Saturday I was going from one campers setup to the next looking at their radio equipment and antennas . 

I spoke with a Amateur operator I believe is with Bunbury Amateur radio club . He was full bottles on Ardiuno and raspberry pi like devices . From what I recall it is an area he works in professionally . Devon I believe was his name.

Some of the radios I was able to see in use Yaseu/Elad/Xiego/ Icoms/ baofeng /kenwood   to name a few . Antennas where a mix of tapped verticals. Center fed and end fed  longwires ,One that looked like a hills hoist clothes line 

Plan for Sunday go back around get a photo of each operator , their call sign and equipment. But that is for tomorrow. Right now it’s getting late Time for bed  .Wouldn’t you know it right on cue at midnight that weird animal noise sound . again only this time it sounded like a donkey being strangled mid Eeee aww rrr aww eee . something like that.  Strange critters down that neck of the woods .Must be something in the water the cows drink.

Sunday morning ended up heading back Home earlier than planned . Unfortunately We had a death in our extended family so had to  head home organise some new flights some flights. 

Summary for the weekend at Hamcamption.

This was a trial of an idea 1 st event. Host was Darren VK6EK with Mike helping. Very Successful Weekend.

Everyone I met is looking forward to the next one.So Pencil in the Month of May 2023 for a possible HamCamption. The Format was kept simple and worked great it allowed for everyone to feel like they where all part of one big family catching up for a reunion.

People who attended where amateurs from our Great Southern region including up to Perth Northern Suburbs and east to Gidgegannup and everywhere in between. Some of them members of various clubs and organisations Some where just individual Hams.

When I was leaving Darren  invited us to attend the next one and asked me to pass on his personal invitation to all PARG Members as well.

I will be keeping in touch with Darren VK6EK.

Kindest regards
Graham VK6WCR

List of attendees from Darren VK6EK:

Hi All,

Many thanks for the photos and attendee report from Graham VK6WCR.

The list of Ham-Camption attendees, 25 in total, from Darren VK6EK:

VK6EK:                  Darren

VK6MN:               Mike

VK6II:                    Dan

VK6DEV:              Phillip

Vk6POP:              Bob

VK6LAM:             Craig

VK6TW:                JT

VK6MB:                Mike 

VK6MK:                Stuart

VK6FN:                 Max

VK6VBC:              Brock

VK6DEW:             Doug 

VK6NW:               Wayne

VK6PAW & VK6MOT:      Glynn & Tom

VK6BSA & VK6DEE:          Mark & Deena

VK6WCR & XYL:                 Graham & Maggie

VK6GWM & XYL:               Glenn &

VK6GS & XYL:                     Gary & Grace

VK6NDX & XYL:                  Nick & Jen

Again, a big thank you to Darren, Mike & Dan, who put their hearts and souls into organising the Inaugural 2022 Mayanup Ham Camp and to everyone who attended. 

There is a lot that goes into planning, arranging and producing these events and in the background, to make these into memorable events.  I think it might be fair to say, it was even better than Darren expected! ?  There were a few moments in the organising and arranging, that we may have wondered, was this thing going to fly, but in the end it all came together.

We have plans for a bigger, better and more interesting Mayanup Ham Camp in 2023, so make sure you keep a look out for the next event. (Possibly May 2023)




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